About us

Red List Commission 2017-2020

Coordinator: Pablo Acebes

Team: Benito A. González, Román Baigún, Ricardo Baldi, Jorge Baldo, Erika Cuellar, Martín Funes, William Franklin, Domingo Hoces, Gabriela Lichtenstein, Silvia Puig, Lilian Villalba, Jane Wheeler.

The Red List Commision´s objective is to evaluate the conservation status of Lama guanicoe and Vicugna vicugna, and their subspecies L. g. cacsilensis, L. g. guanicoe, V. v. mensalis and V. v. vicugna. To do this, they work with information generated and compiled by members of the commission to later be processed, standardized and sent to the RedList website.

Vicugna vicugna, RedList 2018
Lama guanicoe, RedList 2016

Newsletter Commission

Coordinator: Silvia Puig

Team: Gabriela Lichtenstein, Nadine Renaudeau d’ Arc, Catherine Sahley, Fernando Videla

The Newsletter Commission aims to receive, evaluate, and publish annually in a digital newsletter scientific works, notes, comments and news related to the conservation of the South American Wild Camelids, prepared by the members of the GECS, called GECSNews. It also publishes work by professionals that aren’t members of the Group but which is of interest for the conservation of our species.

Membership Commission

Coordinator: Pablo Carmanchahi

Team: Pablo Acebes, Román Baigún, William Franklin, Bibiana Vila

The Membership Commission aims to receive, analyze, and emit a verdict of professionals that apply to be Members of GECS based on an evaluation protocol. The individuals that enter the Group can do so as an Active Member (recognized by the IUCN) or as a Collaborative Member.

Animal Welfare Commission

Coordinator: Pablo Carmanchahi

Team: Carolina Marull, Cristian Bonacic, Beatriz Zapata, Yanina Arzamendia, Gisela Marcoppido

The objective of the Animal Welfare Commission is to provide basic guidelines for the use of wild South American camedlids (guanacos and vicuñas) through their services and products, principally fiber. The guidelines include criteria for Animal Welfare, which has ethical and commercial implications relevant to their management and sustainability.

Publications Commission

Coordinator: William Franklin

Team: Natalia Schroeder

The Publications Commission´s aim is to search databases, receive and compile annually the scientific works of the Group Members, and then to create a document organized by species and theme.

Control of illegal hunting and trafficking in camelids Commission

Coordinator: Benito A González (temporal)

Team: Corsino Huallata, Moises Grimberg, Daniel Maydana, Pilar Tuppia

The Control of Illegal Hunting and Trafficking in Camelids Commission aims to articulate measures to reduce poaching and illegal trafficking that affects wild South American camelids. They do so using scientific research, participating in national and international actions, and concentrating relevant information and transmitting said information to the ad-hoc organisms.

News about poaching and trafficking in vicuñas (.pdf)